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The SME Clinic

The Revolution Is about to Begin.

“SMEs account for 99% of total business establishments and they are the driving force of the global economy.  Most of the world’s largest enterprises today were once small businesses.  Given their significant number, we wish that SME Day will soon be observed and celebrated by hundreds of millions worldwide, just as we celebrate Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day or Valentine’s Day.” Mr. Wayne Lim.


We are commencing a FREE quarterly SME Clinic which will hold in March, June, September and December 2020. Our intention is to diagnose, advise, support, and handhold Small Businesses. 

For the March event, a form (see link below) will be filled by interested participants and we will be attending to only 20 businesses per quarter. The Clinic will commence by 9 am and a 30 minutes slot will be given to each of the 20 participants where we will attend to them one by one (Not as a group). 

We will review each business, diagnose the challenges, proffer solutions and handhold them for the next 3 months till we both achieve the objective. Where funding is required, we will advise and you never can tell, you might get seed funding from some of our partners/sponsors. The link will be opened from today the 11th of March to the 25th of March 2020 and the event will take place at month-end.