The SME Doctor

Thesmedoctor is the training and development arm of TQM Capital Limited with a special focus on Retail and Small Businesses.


Thesmedoctor was created to fill the gap of capacity development in the MSME space with a special emphasis on rebuilding businesses, providing adequate structures and hand-holding them to ensure they succeed through the use of non-conventional methods and approach.


We have achieved levels of success in the last 25 months of birthing the idea and our objectives are to diagnose small businesses, provide therapy, consulting and advisory services. Most of our services are online/virtual and this is to enable us to reach as many MSMEs as possible. As of today we have already diagnosed and provided solutions for more than 5,000 MSMEs with visible proofs of success.


Due to our performance and acceptability, we organize free clinic/training/capacity development sessions to the Small Businesses on our platform every month and we also provide mentorship and advisory to about virtually. We usually diagnose and then give practical and implementable solutions on the spot. We have partnered with HR specialists, IT and digital branding specialists, Tax Specialists, and Legal consultants to offer bespoke services that will improve the governance structures and processes of these MSMEs at an affordable cost. We have held more than 10 successful business clinics since birthing the idea.


We have also instituted a support structure on our platform for all the participants to ensure their success. We support them in various areas but not limited to, Legal, Finance & Accounts, Information Technology, Logistics, Financial and management advisory (Business and Strategic Plans).


We also organize training/clinic and have access for/to clusters (Churches, Markets, Schools, Small Business Associations, Alumni Associations, Trade Organizations)

sme doctor class
sme doctor class